We are inviting you to Toila to enjoy safe ride with our Ariwheels. Ride around even the most narrow or hidden places and stop for a coffee if you like. You’ll be amazed how easy and how much fun it is to do things you never imagined doing on a Airwheel. Kids, teens, adults – everyone are invited! 


The Airwheel is the first of its kind – a self balancing, personal transportation device that’s designed to operate in any pedestrian environment, on roads and even on trails. 

Drivable distance in one cycle (battery) is 10-40km, this depends on multiple factors (weight, speed, temperature etc.)

Airwheel season lasts (depending on the weather) from April until the end of October.

We offer a private 5 minute training session and you are ready to go. 


Share a unique and unforgettable moment during your stay in Toila!


Airwheel rent

1h rent €10

Every next h €5

Virulase Guesthouse guests

 €10 whole day

We offer discounted rates for the groups of more than 6 people.

Call and ask for your personal price! 

Airwheel rent is open from

10.00AM- 22.00PM


NB! We recommend to book your airwheel in advance! Call +37258397680 or email us info@toila.eu

***Your weight should be between 45- 110kg. To save your Airwheel battery do not drive faster than 12km/h. Deposit required.